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Some additional services

We look forward to making  your stay as pleasant as possible, and are glad to provide additional services:

  • Chef services. If you are too busy to deal with holiday cooking or  are not in the mood to visit the nearby restaurants, we can arrange chefs familiar with both local and European cuisine. Price - 300,000 Indonesian rupiah (IDR) per working day (breakfast, lunch, dinner) plus costs for food acquired in the local market, in accordance with your order.
  • Car rental  with a local driver - 300'000 IDR  plus gasoline. A rental car  can be a good choice for visiting  Ubud, hanging out in Kuta,  and any number of the local attractions.
  • Motorbike rental. Most visitors to Southeast Asia are probably aware that  the motorbike is the main means of transportation in this coner of the world. Bali  also presents its own special challenges, including driving on the left side of the road, and the almost complete lack of road signs. Still, driving here can be a pleasurable experience, and  traffic  in  Pererenan  is generally light by the local standarts, making it a decents place to bone up on your motorbike driving skills before taking off to explore the rest of the island. Price - 50'000 IDR per day, gasoline at your expense. A liter of petrol will cost you 10'000 IDR.
  • Sea fishing. This includes a trip to Nusa Dua (Bali eastern coast), the sea excursion  and  fishing itself, and visiting the island of Nusa Lemborgan, where a seaside restaurant will prepare your catch. The island is also famous for its snorkelling.  The cost depends on the number of "fishermen" and the comfort of the boat. We look forward to finding a trip that meets your personal tastes and standards of comfort.
  • We wont  to make your stay at Villa Capella as memorable as possible, and will be glad to work with you to meet your every need (within reason). Don’t be shy, just ask!