Villa Capella - the perfect place for a family holiday or a vacation with friends. Set amongst  the emerald rice  fields which  gild  the  village  of  Pererenan, we  invite  you  to  experience a  place  of  tranquil solitude, lush greenery, and tropical sunshine.

Withing a 10-minute walk of  the  villa  is  Echo Beatch  - a place of pilgrimage  for surfers  from  around  the  world. The beatch  is a great place to ride the waves  and sample same local  fare (try corn roasted  over hot coals  with chili  or sweet  sauce - delicious!). Evenings afford a view of same of the world's most stunning sunsets.

If your tastes  veer towards the cosial, the villa offers easy access to the bars and international party scene in Kuta - a 20 - 30 minute ride by taxi or bike. For those in the mood to stay in and relax, the villa features a luxurious private swimming pool.

The nearby city of Ubud iis the fun destination for shoppers. Whole streets of the city are devoted to local artisans of all kinds, including carvers, sculptors, jewelers and artists. The trip from Pererenan to Ubud is less than an hour each way.

No matter what kind of holiday you choose, Villa Capella will be your safe haven amids the beauty and  adventure of  the Island of the Gods - Bali.